Mamading: British girl did oral sex to 20 guys at Palma De Maiorca to get a free drink in a club

PALMA DE MAIORCA (SPAIN) – A new phenomenon called “MAMADING” has been observed on the beaches and clubs of PALMA DE MAIORCA in SPAIN. “Mamading” stands, in youth slang, for giving sexual benefits to strangers against a cocktail or a beer. This practice raised up on the web when somebody published a video on Facebook with a young British girl in vacation starring this kind of performance in a club ,with about twenty guys, to get a 3 euros beer.


The video has been catched with a telephone and became viral in few minutes with millions of views, but Facebook quickly removed it due to the kind of content (but is still available on the web).

The Spanish police is investigating on what’s happened to understand the dimension of this new disruptive phenomenon.