Don’t stop sharing this video until every person who cares about women sees this

Today Reckless News wanna present you a YouTube video talking about the women rights in Muslim countries, and explain how dramatic is the life for women there and what they have to suffer, even in more open and “occidental” countries like Egypt.

In some of those countries, Women cannot drive cars alone, or they cannot go to school and often they have to suffer sexual harassment even to the Doctor!

Thousands of women suffer sexual harassment or sexual discrimination every day, for example in the video they show how during the “Arabic spring” in Egypt, during the revolution, the women were subject of violence.


The situation it is worse in tribal countries like Pakistan and Yemen where some little girls in the video give a movingly witness of their situation. In those countries, a father could kill his daughter on the minimum suspect about her “honor” (sometimes just because she stayed alone in a room with a man that is not member of the family).

So this is the video:

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